Tweens & Technology – WYPR Extended Edition

Today, Drew Fidler & I spoke on 88.1 WYPR about the topic of twees and technology – how do we keep our children safe in the online world. It’s in preparation for our 3 part series on the same topic at Wee Chic Boutique at Greenspring Station this weekend and next.

Over the last hour today, we discussed the threats presented online with phones, social media, and the internet as well as some strategies to be a pro-active caregiver. As I’ve often opined, I stated that Facebook & social media are not the enemy, but rather where the enemy and lurk and cause trouble.

Children, and the bad guys, know far more about how these systems work that we do as parents and caregivers. We hope this series helps level the playing field.

Most importantly, it’s about starting an ongoing dialogue with your children; recognizing that location (of the device and your child’s access to it) matters; and that by reading and understanding privacy policies and settings you can build that protective fence around our community.

And if you want a good laugh but also to drive the point home as a great conversation starter, view these videos from our friends in England at the NSPCC about being share aware:

Alex Share Aware
Lucy & The Boy – Share Aware

Here are some resources so you can create your plans and learn a bit more.

A wealth of resources fromĀ NCMEC:

Social Media Contracts:
Teen Social Media Contract Example 1

Teen Social Media Contract Example 2

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Let’s stay safe,